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Created on 2009-04-22 17:45:28 (#116419), last updated 2017-09-08 (6 weeks ago)

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Location:Echo Park, California, United States of America
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Community description:the fast and the furious fanworks
A community for The Fast and the Furious fen. Fans of all seven films are welcome here. Spoilers should be hidden with a cut-tag. We are also [ profile] quarter_mile on Livejournal.

This a community for pimping all fannish thingmabobs related to The Fast and the Furious, all sequels, and any related films to come. All ratings, pairings, and genres are welcome.

Fic, icons, vids, art, gifs, and related discussion are all okay. And tag your post; if you can't find the one you need, mention it and I'll add it in.

You can browse the community content via the tags here.

We have fans of all films and all characters and all ships on this community. No bashing, please.

Please cut-tag spoilery discussion for The Fate of the Furious, to help out members who cannot view the film immediately or in a theatre. This rule will be lifted in the fall or when the movie is released on DVD/Blu Ray - whichever happens soonest.

Accurately source your images, vids, and gifs whenever possible.

Have fun!
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